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RED SUNRISE TAOS PUEBLO is the revival vision and passion project of Red Sunrise Luhan, visionary artist, ex-firefighter, hunter, and one of few remaining carriers of the old traditional ways. He's the grand-nephew of Tony Luhan, husband of Mabel Dodge Luhan, and has lived in Taos Pueblo his entire life, surrounded by stories of their lives, their legacy, and the many teachings and daily practices of his elders. The name Red Sunrise means "New Beginning." It marks the arrival of a new dawn where Natives and allies alike, living in and outside of the village, join forces to help revive Taos Pueblo. Visit him and his arts & crafts shop in front of the original Luhan home across from the church.


Taos Pueblo is one of the most important Unesco heritage sites in the US because it has continuously been inhabited for almost 1000 years. Currently, there are about 150 members living in the traditional ways in the adobe homes without electricity and running water (a few homes now have some modern comforts) and another 1900 or so live right outside the pueblo. Red Sunrise projects aim to revive age-old traditions, such as jewelry making, drum making, pottery, woodcarving, hunting, tanning, home plastering, horse therapy, making obsidian knives, bows and arrows, and much more that are at risk of getting lost. Click here for more info.

Artisan shop

Red Sunrise and his partner, Amanda Herrera, were born and raised at Taos Pueblo and still live there. They own an artisan handicraft shop, Red Rock Elk Arts and Crafts, that is located right in front of the generations' old Luhan home across from the church in Taos Pueblo. They sell necklaces, bracelets, earrings, drums, moccasins, pottery, and visionary carvings of petrified cedar wood that are adorned with precious stones and petroglyphs. Jewelry and art pieces can be commissioned directly from them by phone or email or visit them at the Gorge Bridge during closure. Click here for art samples.

Full Moon Workshop

On June 4, 2023, Red Sunrise and Amanda will be hosting their very first Full Moon Arts & Crafts Day followed by a sacred ceremony. The activities of the day will include a walking tour, bread baking, and jewelry and drum-making. A traditional native meal consisting of bread, vegetables, and deer chili will be offered. Dinner at a local Taos restaurant with Red Sunrise and Amanda is also included. The following day, they will be plastering the Luhan ancestral adobe homes for regular upkeep and it's possible to help out as a gesture of service. To find out more and reserve your spot, click on the link below.

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